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Because we want to teach the full cycle of food, from seed to table, we often have experiential (and experimental) cooking classes where students learn to measure, knead, harvest, grind, mix, etc. Click on the links below to see what we have been up to in these gardening classes, and what seasonal/ local foods recipes you can bring into your own kitchen as you learn with your child.


Recipes from Gardening Classes

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Pastries/ Baking






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Farm to Fork Recipes


Artwork by GMS students Lana Torres & Ethan Santana

Farm to Fork Menu Log 2013/2014

*ingredients from the garden

9/ 20/13  Pasta primavera (handmade local pasta topped with roasted squash,* zucchini, onions,* garlic,* peppers,* and cherry tomatoes* from the Montessori gardens, tossed in organic olive oil and garnished with pecorino Romano cheese and fresh garden herbs*) with garlic bread (Charlie’s Baguette recipe) with olive oil, garlic,* and fresh herbs* and iced herb tea: Anise hyssop,* lemon balm,* mint,* and decaffeinated black tea sweetened with honeyCC09069/27/13 Tomato* cheddar bisque with basil* pesto on rustic french bread and a muscadine* crab apple* cobbler CC0906

10/4/13 Dirty rice (peppers*, local pork sausage (PTB Farm), local bacon, onions,* garlic,* herbs and spices)  and garden salad* with a desert of persimmon* cookies with an orange glaze sauce and chai iced teaCC0906

10/25/13 Beef stew (organic beef, onions,* garlic,* bouillon) with cheesy bread, a roasted garlic spinach* salad, and chocolate mousse garnished with mint*CC090611/8/13 French Onion Soup with a Montessori garden salad* with a classic French vinaigrette and hot chai tea CC090611/29/13 Root vegetables au gratin (sweet potatoes,* carrots, butternut squash,* garlic,* gruyere and jarlsberg cheese) with sweet italian sausage (from Jacamos,) three greens salad (kale,* arugula,* lettuce*) and honey mousse for dessertCC090612/6/13 Potato latkes with savory kugel a garden salad* and homemade hot chocolateCC09061/17/14 Grilled cheese  (white cheddar cheese and organic whole-grain bread) and vegetable soup (carrots*, barley, celery, peas, potatoes, and haukeri turnips*)  with a garden salad and mulled apple ciderCC09061/24/14 Buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, local sausage, grits, and hot cocoaCC09061/31/14 Gypsy soup (sweet potatoes,* kale,* onions,* garlic*) with cheedar cheese biscuits CC0906

2/7/14 Rosemary chicken breast, garlic parmesan Brussels sprouts, cheesy biscuits, and cooked applesCC0906

2/21/14 Pork and scallion stir fry with a side of stir fried carrots,* ginger, garlic, broccoli, and onions, with baked yellow plantainsCC0906

2/28/14 Bacon & kale* risotto with a salad,* garlic bread, and lemon barsCC09063/21/14 Frank Burgers and Home Fries with a GMS Salad*CC09064/4/14 Tacos with pork, cilantro, lime juice, lettuce,* and cheddar cheese with a salad* and raspberry mint Iced TeaCC09064/11/14  Baguette sandwiches with provolone cheese, garden greens,* rosemary ham, prosciutto, salami, with veggie sticks (carrots and celery) and a red plum and macaroons for dessert

2014-2015 Menu Log

9/26/14 Frittata (kale,* peppers,* cherry tomatoes,* PTB farm pork sausage, arugula salad,* and cheesy biscuits CC090610/3/14 Pasta with fresh tomato,* garlic,* and basil* sauce, a garden salad with pumpkin seeds and a persimmon vinaigrette, and sopapillas made with GMS honey CC090610/10/14 Butternut squash* and kale* cheesy risotto, garden salad, muscadine* crab apple* cake, chai teaCC090610/31/14 Creamy veggie soup (with turnips,* potatoes,* cream, dill,* & cheese), garlic* bread, garden salad and persimmon puddingCC090611/7/14 Root vegetable au gratin (turnips,* potatoes, heavy cream, cheese) with a garden salad and mint chocolate mousse for dessertCC090612/5/14 Stir Fry with local ground pork with a garden salad and sopapillas for dessertCC09061/16/15 Stir Fry II (carrots,* ginger, snow peas, local pork sausage, scallions*) with a garden salad* and baked plantains for dessertCC0906




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  1. Cindy van Laar says

    So proud to see these traditions grow and thrive. Thank you all for making this a life changing experience for the leaders of the future.
    With great appreciation,
    Cindy van Laar

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