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Garden Adventures with Primary Casa

Garden time in Casa is a bit different than Garden class during the school day. We are usually busy working and playing for longer than 30 minutes and there are special work stations that are available to us for more nature play. Our absolute favorite is the cooking station!


News from the GMS Honey Bee Hive

When we arrived back to school this fall the bees were on the defensive. We went into the hive to check the honey stocks and brood production, but the bees were very grumpy and there were not as many full frames of honey as we expected. It wasn’t evident why they were defensive so we called in a local honey bee expert, permaculturalist, and friend, Amy Moyle, to help us figure out what was going on. Amy was immediately concerned about their behavior and suspected that something had been antagonizing the hive – possibly a skunk. We decided to deter any bee-eating predators by setting out a nail board (a board at the base of the hive with tiny nails in it.) An entrance reducer in the front limits the amount of space for bees to enter the hive and this allows the guard bees more thorough surveillance of the hive. This had been knocked out of place – evidence mounting for the skunk suspect! After several weeks of working with the bees and feeding …

Garden works in primary

These works take the overarching concepts of the garden and break them into smaller components – comprehensible for the 3-6 year old child. They also offer meaningful work to the child that will allow them to observe and tend to the garden. These lessons lay the groundwork for bigger practical works in the future. Tools and materials for the works are set out in outdoor cubbies. Once a child has learned all of the works there is opportunity for free choice. First, however, it is important to teach students how to do each work properly and how to clean up a work to get it ready for the next person wishing to use it. We do this in small groups of 6-10 children, taking approximately 15 minutes to teach a work from start to finish, and then we give them a chance to practice. Digging Works Trowel control/ digging down: Various size pots are buried in the soil. The student’s task is to use a trowel to empty all of soil from the pots, effectively …