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Growing Great Garlic: A Photo Diary


November 2016. Planting

This year we planted Music garlic. An old Italian Heirloom Eliza found in Louisville, Kentucky this summer, we were very excited to try this hard neck variety.

December-May… Weeding, Watering, Waiting…

Garlic requires a long period of time to reach full maturity. On average, it can take anywhere from 6-10 months. You can plant in either fall or spring, but we always plant in the fall because the bulbs are bigger that way.

May 2017. Harvest time!

Afternoon students in Primary harvested and cleaned the first of four beds  we planted at GMS this year. They loved it so much they had a hard time stopping.

May 2017. Post-harvest Star Treatment

Upper Elementary and Middle School students harvested, cleaned, and bundled the remaining garlic in their garden. They also cut and bundled the garlic scapes, the flowering edible stalk, using them in the final Farm to Fork Restaurant of the 2017 school-year! Upper El and Middle School Casa students hung the bundles under the red shed in Lower Elementary for them to cure, or dry, for long-term storage.

June 2017. Final touches

We waited and watched the garlic drying (curing) in the shed for several weeks. The last week of school, we braided and hung half our total harvest. Just a touch of lavender makes the pungent scent much milder.

We wanted to take these beauties home so badly! But we learned that there wasn’t enough for everyone–this year. We have some math to do to figure out how much we need to make that happen!

Until then, you can find your own Greensboro Montessori School grown garlic braid at the Yanceyville Farmers Market this summer during Montessori Market Camp the week of July 4th.

The rest of this year’s harvest will be:

  • Saved for seed to plant in the fall with garden classes
  • Cooked in garden class recipes
  • Used in Middle School Farm to Fork restaurant meals
  • Sold in the Middle School Farm Stand
  • Shared with volunteers and key leaders!

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