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Okra and Pine Cone Ornaments

We had A LOT of okra this year in the garden and unfortunately a good bit of it got too big before we had time to harvest. When okra over-develops it gets hard and sinewy and isn’t good to eat. We let all of this big okra dry out on the stalk and then when it was hard and brown we clipped it off. Some of the okra we’ll use for seeds for next season, but most of it, we used to make Christmas Ornaments.

Turnip Carving

For Restaurant on Fridays with Middle School we love to decorate the tables with seasonal flowers or other natural objects. This year one of our restaurants days fell on Halloween, so instead of carving pumpkins, we decided to use turnips. We had a number of turnips that outgrew themselves and wouldn’t be particularly great for eating. It is believed that turnip carving began the jack-o-lantern tradition in Ireland at Samhain. They were used for festivities, lighting ones way, and also for keeping evil spirits out of homes. They did a beautiful job carving!